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For investment details and availability, please send a message using the contact form. I accept a limited number of weddings each year to provide the best experience for you! The average couple spends $3500 for photography coverage.
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I think it’s best to describe my images as snapshots of a bigger story.

I love weddings because they bring together the people who are most important to us to celebrate the beginning of your love story. I see the images as raw and genuine moments, documenting the day exactly as it plays out.

Each wedding is unique and personal to you as a couple, and the authentic moments are what intrigue me to create images that you will look back on and feel exactly what you felt at that moment in time. I’m interested in the interactions and feelings between all who are involved in the experience of a wedding.

My goal as a photojournalist and storyteller is to get to know you better throughout the day so that you feel relaxed and can let your guard down – allowing me to create images that display real smiles, real expressions and real emotions. I thrive looking for those unexpected moments.

My intention going into a wedding is to document your story as it happens, so when you look back at your photographs, you’ll relive these moments just as you lived them on your wedding day.

Everybody has a story…let me tell yours.


Everbody has their own take on how they capture a wedding day!


I fall under the “photojournalism” category, meaning that many of the images taken will be candid, and unposed.

I like to take the traditional and standard approach to weddings and give it an edge by anticipating moments and letting things happen naturally. In other words, I’ll be documenting the events of the day as they happen! This creates customized images that display the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene.

I love adventures, and taking images in beautiful landscapes. I believe that these things can truly compliment a scene better when you are photographed in it!

I love creating bold and artistic imagery and am always striving to try something unique and different.

genuine + authentic moments




Elopements start at $1500
Full Day Weddings start at $2900

START AT $2900


included in all full day wedding packages



documentary portrait sessions


When should we book you?

As soon as you have your venue booked! Usually it’s about a year in advance, but if you have a shorter time frame, no worries! Reach out to me and see if I still have your date available!


No, our prices do not include tax. The tax will be added when you book your package. All prices are subject to GST as per British Columbia Law.


Absolutely! I know many gorgeous locations around the city. Just ask! I’d be happy to offer suggestions.

Should we have a 2nd shooter?

Second shooters are perfect if your bridal party is getting ready in 2 different locations. It’s also beneficial for making sure that we get full coverage of all the moments that are happening throughout the day! There are so many elements to a wedding so having a second shooter there makes sure we’ve got all our angles covered.


Raw images are not usable images – at least to a client. Raw images need to be processed in order to create a final image. Part of our job is to process the images, perfect them and create a finished product. Asking your photographer for the RAW files is like asking your cake vendor for an extra bag of flour, on the side. It’s only a partial ingredient in the overall product and means nothing on it’s own. Clients often ask for RAW photos because they think they are a higher quality image than JPEGs; truth is, many professional printing companies require you to submit your images via JPEG. There’s nothing wrong with high res JPEGs; they are awesome quality images and will produce beautiful prints.

I’m shy! I’m not comfortable in front of the camera!

Do not fret! I will be there to direct you into poses and give you ideas! I’ll talk you through the session in order to get the perfect photos. The reason I love engagement sessions is because I get to adventure with you before the wedding day so you’re comfortable on the day-of! Trust me, you’ll be golden by the end ?

How long will it take to get our photos back?

In the busy summer season, usually between 8-10 weeks. But I’ll make sure to post a few sneak peeks soon after the wedding!

Do we need to feed you at the wedding?

Unless you want me to faint, yes! By the time dinner rolls around I’ll need that energy to take more amazing photos of you for the remainder of the evening! Don’t worry - I’m not picky!

We’re thinking of doing something different for photos, is that alright?

Are you kidding? Yes! I LOVE adventure! If you are thinking of hiking into the woods to get to the
perfect viewpoint, or taking a helicopter to the top of the mountains - please take me with you! Your photos will be fabulous, I promise!

Do you have backup gear?

I’ve got 2 cameras and loads of lenses! I’ve got you covered.

Still got questions?

Feel free to send them my way!