Crystal & Jarrett are two amazing people! They are so fun and you can definitely feel their love towards each other whenever they’re together 🙂 Their wedding day was filled with so much love and it was so great getting to hang out with their little guys! I first met Crystal & Jarrett when we took their Gellatly Nut Farm Engagement Photos, so it was nice to see them again on their wedding day! We started the day off at Pomme Salon, where the girls got their hair and makeup done (you’ll see how stunning everyone looks!). I then headed where the guys were getting ready, dressing their boys up in mini-tuxedos was absolutely adorable! There were a few tears shed because there was so much love happening all around!! We finished with the ladies getting ready at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort before heading to the ceremony. PS. Keep an eye out for all of their AMAZING “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed items 🙂

The ceremony and reception were both held at Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club, where everyone enjoyed their heartfelt and beautiful vows. My favourite part was Jarrett’s reaction when Crystal walked down the aisle, followed by their little guy stealing the show during the beginning of the ceremony with his excitement over his gum haha 😉 After the champagne toast to declare they were married, we spent some time taking family photos before heading to Mill Creek Park to take their couple formals. (I love Mill Creek – it’s so beautiful!).

Finally, the reception was filled with some amazing speeches, singing, rapping, cake smashing, fun dancing and emotions galore! It was so much fun and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to take part in your day, Crystal and Jarrett!


Hair/Makeup: Pomme Salon

Florist: Bylands Nursery

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

Ceremony: Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club  

Reception: Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club

Catering: Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club

Cake: Kaleena Cakes 

Decor: Glitz n’ Glam Party Supply 

DJ: Okanagan Dance Party 

Photographer: J. Ufimzeff Photography 

I love this one below because it shows both locations where the ladies were getting ready! (Pomme Salon and the Delta Grand Resort in the background!!)
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-1 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-2Crystal’s purple hair was so fun!!

SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-3 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-4 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-5
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-7 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-6SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-8

Nightmare Before Christmas cuff links!!SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-9 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-10 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-11 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-12 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-13 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-14 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-15 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-16 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-17SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-18 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-19 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-20

More themed items – garter and custom converseSunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-21 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-22 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-23 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-24 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-25 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-26 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-27

Absolutely stunning bride!!SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-28 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-29 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-30 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-31 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-32 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-33 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-34 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-35 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-36 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-37 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-38 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-39 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-40 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-41 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-42 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-43 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-44 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-45 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-46 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-47 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-48

Sneaking in a hug before family photos take place 🙂 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-49 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-50 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-51 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-52 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-53 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-54 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-55 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-56 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-57 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-58 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-59 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-60 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-61 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-62

Matching shoes?! So cool.
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-63 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-64 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-65 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-66 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-67 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-68
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-69 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-71 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-70 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-73

Love this shot of the boys hanging out!SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-74 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-75

Such a sweet moment between Crystal and her son 🙂 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-76

So many emotions!! I love it!
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-77 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-78 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-79 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-80

And the rapping begins!

All hands in the air when a certain question was asked 😉
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-82 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-83 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-84


Lovely first dance!
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-86 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-87 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-88 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-89 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-90 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-91 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-92

These two have got sass! So great.
SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-93 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-95SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-96 SunsetRanchKelownaPhotographer-97Again – thank you for letting me be a part of your day! 🙂

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