WOW!! Where has this year gone!? I cannot believe what 2015 has taught me. I’ve been so blessed to learn from amazing mentors and also have the opportunity to work with them! I give a special thank you to Elisha Stewart of Abby Photography who has pushed me to become better and look at scenes in a new way. I’ve learned that it’s not only about taking a pretty picture, but capturing the connection, and the authentic moments that happen throughout a day. Real emotions and genuine stories are what intrigue me to tell your story. I’m so eager to try out new techniques and get right in there documenting more wedding stories in 2016!

This collection of photographs is a quick snapshot of my favourites from 2015 – including weddings, engagement sessions, portraits, and a few family photos!

ENJOY! And I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me 🙂

And BAM! There we go! There are a lot more photos I would have loved to share, but I think you had a lot to go through right there 🙂 I want to thank you so very much for all of your support in these last couple of years! I would never have the opportunity to grow my photography skills without your trust in me! So thank you! And let’s take some more kickin’ photos in 2016!!
Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

PS. Feel free to share this post around if you felt any emotions towards a photo – I’d love to hear which ones you loved! 🙂

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